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Micro-Journaling for Wellness

Artistically crafted custom-made journals & notebooks

created for yoga & wellness. Discover what makes

JotAsana journals special.

Our micro-journaling wellness system allows you to tailor your wellness journey in bite-sized pieces to fit your specific needs.

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Wellness Themed Notebook Inserts

Notebook Cover


A notebook begins with selecting notebook inserts with wellness topics that support your personal needs.  We recommend starting with 3 notebook inserts.

Assist the Journaling Process

Staring at a blank page can be intimidating, so we create a number of tools to make it easier.  From micro-journaling to writing prompts and other activities, we want the journalling process to be successful!

Evolving Topics

New notebook inserts are being regularly added to our product catalog to cover popular & timely wellness topics.


Beautiful Designs

Artistically created leather covers provide a bespoke space to hold multiple aspects of a wellness practice.


Each notebook cover can accommodate up to 4 notebooks. When a notebook gets full, simply slide out a notebook for safe keeping and slide in a new one.

Naturally treated

We avoid using overly processed and chemically treated leather, while this results in less uniformity we believe it add to the uniqueness of each piece.  Life is beautifully imperfect and we embrace this.

Custom Orders

Yoga Studio, Yoga Retreat, YTT, Meditation/ Wellness Retreat ...

We will work with you to customize journals.

Contact us for options.

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